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Kayaking Source Giveaway

Looking for Sponsors

Kayaking Source is reaching out to companies to seek a partnership in a giveaway that will be conducted in November.   We are seeking sponsors to help provide products that will be given away in this giveaway. As a sponsor, your company will be given a spot on our giveaway page...
NextGen Baits Giveaway

Nextgen Baits – Giveaway

Our friends at Nextgen Baits have a great giveaway going on that I felt you should know about.  Nextgen Baits has a lot of lures that are made very well.  Here is your chance at getting some for free... What you will win: 20 Premium fishing baits & lures How to...
Edge Kayak Review
Touring kayaks are designed to take a paddler a long distance over open water.  They are good in fresh water and salt water.  They are made for speed in mind and stable enough to get you through the sea.  When you are looking at touring kayaks, the Riot Kayaks...
Mystery Shift Offer

Bones Mystery Shirt

If you fish and want a great fishing shirt, here is your chance to get a special offer.  Bones Outfitters has a special offer for you!  Bones Mystery Shirt offer is for a limited time, so take advantage of it now. Here is your chance to SAVE BIG! Let Bones...

Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle

This review is on the paddle that a lot of Kayakers will want to get.  This paddle is high quality with a nice weight for the cost.  The paddle we are talking about is the Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle made by Carlisle Product Gear which is a company...
Bones Outfitters Giveaway

Bones Outfitters – Giveaway

BONES OUTFITTERS WIN GEAR FOR A YEAR Enter below for a chance to win a whole years’ worth of 55+ UV Performance Gear... & a whole lot more.   *Ten other lucky contestants will each win a $25 Gift Card to   Here's how it works - Enter your email address below & get 1...

Funny Kayaking Falls Video

I created a funny small 4k video on Kayaking Falls.  I hope you enjoy.. For me there is nothing funnier than people trying to get on or stay on a Kayak.
Time Magazine did a recent article on Jennifer Garner's Kayak trip in Sweden.  She posted that this summer she and her eldest daughter got lost for 100 hours while Kayaking.  They ended up in a shipping lane and rescued by a mystery person by the name of Mattias. In a...
I have had my eye on a Kayak Mods by Wesley Nowlen for a little while now.  His hinge kits are for the Vibe Sea Ghost line of Kayaks.  The mods are very simple solution to adding a hinge to the middle console. The mod was first introduced to me on...

The Anchor Wizard

The Anchor Wizard is by  This system can be used on any type of boat.  Anchor Wizard has created a anchor system for kayaks with a revolutionary design that contains over sixty feet of anchor line.  The spool has a good design that has a handle that allows...
Marsh Wear Clothing's line of Performance Shirts is not only more stylish than many competitors, but they're also much cheaper, starting at $45.00. For the kayak anglers looking to show off their marsh pride and save a few bucks, but still want a quality shirt, look no further. Marsh Wear Clothing is...
If you’re looking for an inflatable kayak that is close to a standard hard shell kayak, the Advanced Elements Expedition Kayak is for you. It has built-in, lightweight aluminum ribs that provide exceptional rigidity for excellent speed and tracking.The bottom of the kayak use “drop stitch” construction that when inflated...
Sad news out on Lake Superiour .  On August 30, 2018 APOSTLE ISLANDS, LAKE SUPERIOR - When a Wisconsin couple with three young children set out on an adventure in an open-topped tandem kayak last week, experts say their Lake Superior island-hopping plan would have been challenging even for experienced...

Intro Video

Just posted a intro video on our YouTube Channel.  Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Berkley Juke

The Berkley Juke Jerkbait is made by Berkley.   Berkley is a company that has been around since 1937.  The Berkley Juke Jerkbait was desinged by David Fitts to be versatile and have lively action that resembles the movement of baitfish.  It is currently available in 17 different color patterns.  It...