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Emergency Paddle
What happens when your in your Kayak or Boat and your paddle breaks? What if you loose your paddle? This is where an emergency mini paddle comes in. This emergency mini paddle is collapsible down to 19 inches, but will expand to 35". This device is...
A Mountain Home man drowned Sunday afternoon while kayaking with his son and the son’s friend on Crooked Creek in Yellville. The victim is identified as 54-year-old William Lender Ealey. The other two men, 31-year-old Jeremy Ealey of Mountain Home and 33-year-old Joseph Barr of Bull Shoals avoided injury, despite their attempts to help the victim.
News Release: 4/17/2020 The 2020 version of our ever-popular Deposit Program is now live (A.J. screwed up all the details the first time so here are the actual updated details; stay-at-home is getting to all of us)! Lock in the gear you want now and it is projected to...
ECOdept Waterproof Dry Bag
This dry bag is a very economical bag to purchase for use on your kayaks. This bag keeps out dirt, waer, and dust. Keeping your items dry and could even save your life when it is cold out.
Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-Foot Sit-in Kayak
This is a economy kayak that would be great for kids, but not for fishing. Amazon currently has it listed right under $300.00 which is very cost effective price. It doesn't have a lot of the bells and whistles the bigger kayaks have, but great recreational kayak. I wouldn't sit in it very long or some parts of you will hurt.
******** HUGE GIVEAWAY - 19+ Items ************ To Enter Giveaway: Due to the Coronavirus scare, a lot of us will be having a little extra time on our hands.. I have 19 items lined up to give away at the end of March (since so many schools...
Dane Jackson Stunt
Kayaker Dane Jackson Wednesday safely negotiated the 134-foot Salto del Maule waterfall in Chile to complete the second-tallest descent on record. The death-defying feat was accomplished after five years of planning by a Tennessee-raised athlete widely regarded as one of the world’s best whitewater kayakers.
Share the journey with the Vibe Yellowfin 130T.  The tandem kayak with framed hero seats and foot braces means all day comfort, while the rudder ready hull provides maneuverability and performance. Equipped with 3 seating positions, the Yellowfin 130T easily holds 2 adults and a child or it can...

Rheos Sunglasses

With the Rheos Floating Sunglasses, you are saved by the technology. Kayak and boat fisherman can rest at ease by a pair of sunglasses that won't sink.
When we think of kayaking, a lot of us think about the relaxing waters of Florida. The Sunshine State has some of the most beautiful waters in the country. We can go from the crystal clear ceruleon ocean to the breath taking everglades. Going to Florida can give some you some of the best tours that you will always remember.
Shimano Curado 150 DC

Shimano Curado 150 DC

Redefining performance, the Shimano Curado 150 DC Casting Reel blends all of the winning attributes of the Shimano Curado 200K with Shimano’s Digitally Controlled braking system, resulting in one of the most dependable and technologically advanced reels on the market. Offering easy, trouble-free, long distance casting throughout a range of conditions and...