Monday, September 27, 2021

Best Fishing Tackle Backpack

Everyone needs some type of way of carrying their fishing tackle. While sometimes a normal fishing tackle box will work, sometimes you need more. If you are a real active outdoorsman, sometimes you need a good way to carry your tackle when your on the move. ...

Deep Tail Dancer

A great fishing lure I got my hands on is the Rapala Deep Tail Dancer.  This lure is one that will keep you catching fish.  There are three different sizes of the Deep Tail Dancer.  The versions are the TDD07, TDD09, and TDD11 (See specifications below).  The price range...

Berkley Juke

The Berkley Juke Jerkbait is made by Berkley.   Berkley is a company that has been around since 1937.  The Berkley Juke Jerkbait was desinged by David Fitts to be versatile and have lively action that resembles the movement of baitfish.  It is currently available in 17 different color patterns.  It...