Michael Bourg on the Green Camo FeelFree Dorado 125 Kayak.  Fishing for catfish with his dog Charlie.  The Feelfree Dorado is a very stable kayak that allows for a lot of options.


The Dorado Overdrive Kayak Features an integrated Overdrive, Stern Navigational Lights, a Bow Storage Area w/Bungee System & Transducer Hole, a Cathedral Hull design that is Fast, Stable & has Optimal Tracking, Oversized Bow Electronics and Storage Console, Rod Tip Holders, FeelFree’s Patented Adjustable Gravity Seat, Raised Blow Molded Gunwale Rails, Bow Uni-Track Rail System, Gunwale Storage Areas, Intuitive “8 Ball” Steering, Integrated Oversized Rudder- Patented Gravity Seat with Forward/Backward Adjuster- Pre-wired Electronics System, Dedicated Utility Battery Box w/Wiring System and AUX Port (Requires 12v Battery), Four Flush Mounted Rod Holders, Cockpit Lights, Oversized Stern Tankwell w/Bungee System, Stern Uni-Track Rail System, Stern Light, Patented Keel in the Wheel, Molded in Kayak Handles.

Feelfree Dorado 125

Feelfree Dorado 125
Feelfree Dorado 125

The Feelfree Dorado is a new Kayak that was announced to start being delivered in September of 2018.  This was shown in ICast 2018 and was a great hit.  This Kayak has a electrical system built in as a standard feature.  It also sports a Cathedral Hull system that should give it great tracking and speed.

Here is a video from KayakDYI.


  • Pedal Drive System / Motor Option

The Feelfree Dorado 125 comes with a fin driven system called the Overdrive System.  This system is in the same range as the Mirage System from Hobie.  Feelfree has created a system where the drive comes standard for pedal drive, but also has a added feature to become a motor drive system quickly and easily.  The motor option slides into the Overdrive system and can be engaged at any time.  There is a computer system that quickly shows you how much power you have and how long you can go at your current speed.  The motor option does come at a extra cost which adds to the price tag.

There are a few issues with the motor drive option. The first issue is that it is loud compared to a lot of different drive systems. They state this is because of the gear ratio in such a small package. The other issue is that there can be a lot of issues if the “brain” gets wet.

The Overdrive motor does come with a hand held speed control and a screen that will show you how much battery and time you have left at your current speed.  The motor gives a good 40 pounds of thrust.

  • Transducer Port

The Feelfree Dorado comes standard with a transducer port that has the ability to place your transducer below the boat, but easily retracted by hand at any time.  This allows you to leave your transducer in the hull into you are safe to use your fish finder.  This is great for when you are in shallow water, rocky bottom, or shoring your Kayak.

Feelfree Dorado Nav Lights

Electrical System

The Feelfree Dorado comes standard with a electrical system already wired.  There is a battery compartment directly behind the seat with USB and switches for lights.  There is deck lighting and navigation lighting already setup.  This allows for use of the motor option without having to install lighting.  Battery is not included.

  • Stability

With a cathedral style hull and a width of 38 inches, this is a very stable Kayak.  To turn over a Kayak like this, you have to be really trying hard.

  • Customer Service

This has been Feelfree best feature. The customer service at Feelfree is great. Any problem you have is easily and quickly taken care of by “Joe” at Feelfree. This quick and easy response has saved them from a lot of mad customers for problems that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.


  • Price

Like the Hobie line, this is a high end Kayak.  With a starting price of $2999.99 and a optional $1400.00.  This puts this Kayak in a different ball park compared to a lot of other Kayaks.  While the Overdrive motor is optional, it is a great feature to easily motorize your Kayak.

  • Weight

The standard weight of this system starts out at 100 pounds.  This is something that limits a lot of people that can’t carry that much weight around.  This will also reduce the overall speed due to the weight.

Below is a video I made on making a kayak cart for the Feelfree Dorado.

  • Rudder Location Weak

Our tests have shown that the rudder location is very weak. In our tests, a impact at this location will tear off the rudder and leave a large hole. Feelfree has not responded to our request for a solution for this issue.

Michael and Kristal on the Feelfree Dorado

Like the Hobie, this is a Kayak that has its own niche. If you have the money and love the design, this is a great kayak. Feelfree has made a kayak that stands out and has a lot of great features. The build in electrical system, motor option, and stability are key features of this kayak. The largest downside is the weight.

If you want a kayak that will stand out and get you places, this is a great option!

  • Seat

The seat is very nice in a lot of ways. You can sit in this all day and have no issues. The problem we have found is the strap is low on the back of the seat. If you lean back too much, it puts a lot of stress on the lower part of the back. This has caused the back rest to bend and break easily.

• Colors Available:

  • Blue Camo
  • Desert Camo
  • Lime Camo
  • Winter Camo
  • Fire Camo
Length:12 ft 5 in / 3.78 m
Width:38 in / 96.52 cm
Weight:96 lb / 43.54 kg
Capacity:450 lb / 204.12 kg
Leg Room To Peg:37.5 in / 95.2 cm
Leg Room – Total:44 in / 111.8 cm
Number of Paddlers:1 – Single/Solo
Type of Kayak:Sit on Top
Hatches Incl:2 (No Hatch to Inside)

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Feelfree Dorado 125 Kayak with Overdrive Pedal Drive $2,499.00

Product Name: Feelfree Dorado 125

Product Description: Feelfree designed the Dorado from the ground up with a focus on stability, tracking and propulsion made possible by the innovative cathedral tri-hull. The unique hull features two outer and one central pontoon with deep channels in between giving way to optimal on the water performance. The Dorados open platform deck is designed with the angler in mind - wide open, gear ready and accessible with unlimited outfitting options utilizing Feelfree’s Uni-Track system. On deck, youll find the upgraded removable multi-height adjustable Gravity Seat with the High Back, for all day paddling and pedal comfort. The kayak is maneuvered by utilizing Feelfree Gear’s oversized Beaver Tail rudder combined with the intuitive 8 Ball Steering system for complete control. A variety of unique patented comfort and convenience features seen on other Feelfree kayaks are standard on the Dorado including the Wheel in the Keel and sturdy molded in handles.

Brand: Feelfree

SKU: Dorado 125

  • Features
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Warranty
  • Value


The Feelfree Dorado Kayak is in a class of its own.   The key things that make this a great kayak is the electronics package, motor option, and stability.   Some key cons of the kayak has been the battery compartment getting wet, seat breaking, and a few weak spots on the design.  The thing that makes up for this is that Feelfree stands behind their product and will make everything right.  Overall this is a great kayak that stands out as something that will last a long time.

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  • Large Rudder
  • Electronic Package
  • Storage
  • Optional Motorized
  • Retractable Transducer
  • Stability


  • Weight
  • Price
  • Track System is Specific to Feelfree
  • Rudder Location is Weak


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