So I have gotten the first of two FeelFree Dorado 125 Kayaks in.  I ordered the Kayaks from a company that shipped it to me via a common carrier.  It arrived by truck and I helped carry it into my garage.  We opened the package like it was a new bike on Christmas morning!  Everything looked great except for a few scratches to the railing system.   Thinking about it, I could live with that.

FeelFree Dorado - Ocean Camo

The delivery driver left and I was able to admire the new kayak.  First thing that came to mind was “dang this thing is heavy”.  At 125 pounds, this is a beast.  Not sure what the full weight is going to be with the pedal system, overdrive, battery, and fishing gear.  It has a wheel in the back, but I will still use my C-Tug.

Looking Good….

I looked everything over and everything was great.  Great storage, electrical system, seat, etc..  We got it in ocean camo and the colors looked great.  The pedal system looked easy to setup and install.

And then…

Next, I turned over the kayak to look at the transducer bar and uh oh….  I found a hole!  Looks like someone used a fork lift to pick this Kayak up while being delivered.  The plastic package this came in had stickers on it saying “no forklift” and the bill of laden said “no forklift”.  I guess someone couldn’t read.

Next company was contacted and they told us to send them some info and pictures.  I sent them the pictures and they put in a order right away to get me a new Kayak.  Already had one on back order, so now I have two waiting to be sent to me.  The quick response means At last, I am a happy customer.

Can’t wait to get her on the water!

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