The Anchor Wizard is by  This system can be used on any type of boat.  Anchor Wizard has created a anchor system for kayaks with a revolutionary design that contains over sixty feet of anchor line.  The spool has a good design that has a handle that allows for quick reeling in and a quick turn allows for a free release of the spool to drop your anchor.  You can control the drop speed by easily turning the handle the other way.

The anchor allows for easy positioning so you can position yourself over the structure or feature you are trying to fish on.

To lock the anchor, you will do a clockwise turn of the handle and the spool will lock in place.  To retrieve the line, you will turn the spool forward to retrieve the line.  The line will pull up until the anchor is in the nose piece that is designed for the safe storage on your anchor when not in use.

The system is made of precision cast 319 aluminum to reduce the chances of rusting.

The system is real easy to use and a great way to stay on the fish.  The only problem that I see is that if you get overcome by waves, you will have to cut the line and loose the anchor and line.  On most systems you can setup a method to cut but still retrieve.  Just something to think about.

Having the wrong or poorly made system could get you in real trouble. A system that puts you side on to swell or wind heightening the risk of  capsize … or a system that fails setting your kayak adrift while you snorkel around thinking your kayak is at anchor…these are but a couple of scenarios.  To avoid these and more here is my system which works efficiently everytime and is made to last…

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