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Quick Release Terminals A901

Being that I personally use Kayaks, I constantly take my battery in and out of my Kayak. My Feelfree Dorado comes with electronic wiring built in which includes standard battery terminals. I found myself constantly using a socket to remove the terminals and wanted a easy way to take them on and off. I purchased three of the Quick Release Terminals A901 from Amazon at $10.99 each. I installed them on all three of my kayaks at the same time. They were easy to put on, but I did have a problem with the clamp to attach the main battery wire. It kept slipping off due to not being able to clamp down strong enough. I ended up having to bend the connector to make it work. I found the part that slid onto the battery was the right side, but a lot of customers say they have received some that did not fit. The quick release part allows for you to push the plastic part down to clamp down. You will hear a click and the terminal will be on there tight.

So I used the terminals for about a week. After about two or three uses, two of the quick release terminals were broken. When I clamped them down, they did not “clamp”. This allowed the connector to just fall off the battery.

I contacted the company and they said they would send out a new one, but they failed to ever do that. I believe they were just waiting for the amazon return period to pass by.

As a reviewer, I see a lot of good quality products and bad quality products. I believe the concept of this product is a great one, but the quality of the product is lacking. The product is poorly made by a manufacturer that sells it to a lot of different companies. These companies sell it under a lot of different names.

I am unable to recommend this product due to two of the three products breaking so fast. The company does not stand behind their product.

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