News Release: 4/17/2020

The 2020 version of our ever-popular Deposit Program is now live (A.J. screwed up all the details the first time so here are the actual updated details; stay-at-home is getting to all of us)! Lock in the gear you want now and it is projected to ship in the 4th Quarter of this year (between October and December) following your second payment. We’ll also continue to provide updates via our SixGill Anglers Facebook group as the products go to production!

Follow the link below to see more detailed specs on each of the products!

1. Polymer Grip Series – Fast Action
Casting – 6’9″ M, 7′ MH, 7’3″ MH, 7’2″ M, 7’6″ MH, 7’6″ H
Spinning – 7’2″ M, 7’2″ ML, 7’4″ MH, 6’9″ ML
Blend of 30/36T carbon – balanced for lightweight, sensitivity, + plenty of backbone
Fuji Guides

2. Ultralight Series
Spinning – 5’6″ UL, 6′ UL, 6’6″ UL, 7′ UL

3. Inshore Series
Casting – 7′ M, 7′ MH, 7′ H
Spinning – 6’8″ M, 6’8″ MH, 7′ M, 7′ MH, 7’4″ M, 7’4″ MH, 7’8″ ML

4. Four-Piece Travel Rod
Casting – 7′ MH
Spinning – 7′ M

5. Flipping Rod
Casting – 7’2″ M, 7’2″ MH, 7’6″ MH, 7’6″ H

6. Spinnerbait/Chatterbait Rod
Casting – 6’8″ MH, 7’2″ MH

7. Jerkbait Rod
Casting – 6’6″ M, 6’9″ M, 7′ MH

8. High-Speed Dreadnought – 7.2:1 Gear Ratio

9. Saltwater Casting Reel (200 Size)
Aluminum Construction
Oversized Handle

5, 6, & 7 – These are rods that will be added to our Technique-Specific Series of rods. Focusing on the same MSRP as well.

The way the Deposit Program works: first and foremost, THIS IS A PREORDER. The items will not be shipping until Q4 (between October-December 2020, depending on production timeframes). Your first payment locks in the gear you’re interested in, meaning you’ll be the first to receive it AND you’ll get it at a solid discount. If you use Klarna, your first payment will be separated further into 4 parts BUT this does not mean you do not have to make your second payment. The second payment will need to be made approximately 30 days before the first 2020 Deposit Program items ship. This will not occur automatically: you will need to follow the link provided via email to confirm your items and make the second payment. You can again split this second payment into 4 payments via Klarna if you prefer. However, no matter how you pay, you will be placing what appears to be two separate orders for the same items, each for 50% of the total price of your 2020 Deposit Program order. The status of your order will show as “Completed” for your first payment; this simply means you have placed the preorder, NOT that it is paid in full.

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