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Why get a product reviewed?

A lot of companies make a lot of different products. You have a lot of competition out there. Getting a product reviewed is a great way to help market your product. As a product review website, our viewers are interested in your product.

What will happen when I send in a product to get reviewed?

We go into great depth to look at your product from the standpoint of the end consumer. We will write up an article on your product and post it on the website, Facebook, and Twitter. Some products we will also do a YouTube video Review.

  • Guaranteed to be reviewed
  • We provide you with a copy to get your response. While we do not guarantee a great review, we will take your response and make corrections to any mistakes or missing details.
  • We will feature the review for at least 90 days. This allows the review to be displayed on the front page more often.
  • We share all our articles on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, VKontakte, Tumblr, Medium, Bloglovin, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, and Diigo.

ReasonsFor Reviews

What are the benefits of product reviews?

There are plenty of benefits that come with displaying product reviews on your website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Building trust through transparency

Showing off your product reviews gives your shop a certain level of transparency. Not only does it appear that the shop has “nothing to hide”, but shop owners have the opportunity to address any criticisms head on.

Negative reviews are, unfortunately, an inevitability. In fact, plenty of shoppers go out of their way to search out and read negative reviews when they visit an unknown website. This isn’t necessarily because they have schadenfreude or any other cynical motive. It’s because they want to see what was said, what the circumstances were that lead to this negative review (i.e. long shipping, easily-broken product, etc.), and most importantly, to see how the shop owner handled the situation. Reviews can definitely be a great insight into the customer service quality of an online shop.  Sometimes the reviews are just wrong or don’t have all the facts.  We will provide you a copy of the review prior to posting the review.  While we don’t guarantee that we will change the review, we will take your perspective in that choice.  We will also allow you to let us know if there is anything that we missed.  A good honest review will help reduce any problems with negative reviews.

Social Media

As you know, social media is a key marketing platform.  I think we have all see everyone that are just stuck on their cell phones, most are on social media.  After we review your product, we post the review on, Facebook Page, Twitter Page, and YouTube Channel.  A key thing that we do is, if we have multiple products of yours to review, we will do a YouTube review of those products.  YouTube is a important social media platform that a lot of people look at when they are thinking of purchasing a product.

Improve your Google ranking in search results and get more traffic

Believe it or not, product reviews can actually help your shop rank higher in Google search results. How? It’s quite simple, actually. Whenever someone writes a new review, it essentially gets shared on a product page. Because you’re adding new texts to your pages, Google will re-crawl your pages relatively soon thereafter. And since Google absolutely loves “fresh content”, your product pages will reap the rewards by appearing higher in search results.

As everyone knows, the higher you rank, the more traffic you’ll get.

Lower return rates

As we mentioned earlier, customers rely on each other for feedback before completing a purchase. As businesses that collect more reviews, there is more feedback to read through. Every customer is different and looking for different details. With plenty of reviews to peruse, shoppers get a much clearer picture of the product they’re considering purchasing.

This will lead to lower feelings of disappointment and thus, lower return rates.

Genuine feedback

This might seem obvious that customers are sharing their experiences and feedback on a certain product. However, because we’re all consumers, it’s easy to forget that reviews aren’t just there for our fellow shoppers. As a business owner, you should be reading every review that comes in. If a certain product just doesn’t live up to the quality standards that you expect, you’d want to know about it, wouldn’t you?


Product reviews can help give customers that extra push they need to trust your online shop and complete their purchase. Because shoppers are cynical, letting former customers become your advocates can help you gain their confidence. Not only that, but you can get great insights, lower your return rates and increase traffic to your site.

How to Get your Product Reviewed by Us

Kayaking Source’s content value proposition is to be the “one-stop shop” for all products/services of Kayaking and Fishing. We are the “first mover” connecting consumers with the products of today and tomorrow! Our Editorial staff of subject matter experts (SMEs) immerse themselves into the key product categories of Kayaking and Fishing.  Their goal is to cover Kayaks, Mods, Gadgets, Electronics, and fishing gear and give users actionable advice, reviews and recommendations on the items they can build, buy and/or incorporate it into your daily life.

The best way to get your product reviewed is to pitch it to us via email. Please send to  Make sure you include the following in your email:

  • Price
  • Product photos
  • Basic specs
  • Carrier (if applicable)
  • Status of review models

If our editorial team determines your product fits our editorial plans, we will ask you to send the product to be reviewed to us. Note that the product you send must be the one we have agreed to review. In addition, we would need the following to be included with your product:

  • Press kit
  • PR and Technical Contacts
  • All technical specifications if relevant
  • Photos

Return shipping information including shipping labels and RMA information (If applicable – We love to be able to keep the items)

Kayaking Source
PO Box 741
Whiteville, TN 38075

For UPS, please contact us by email for the physical address.

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