Tightline Anchor K4x Anchor is an anchor specifically designed to meet the needs of the sport fishing kayak and canoe crowd. It is made of 18 Gauge stainless steel, fastened together with MILSPEC Monel rivets. The P-Line #7 shark swivel is attached to a loop on 7×7 strand, stainless steel cabling that runs the length of the anchor. The Tightline Anchor K4X Kayak Anchor is compact, collapsible and weighs in at under 14 Oz. This aggressive grapnel anchor ensures the quickest and deepest anchor bite in any submarine surface condition.

When placed with a anchor wizard, this is a lightweight easy option. The breakaway system is quick to setup by attaching the anchor line to the tip of the anchor and then to the main swivel loop.

The standard K4x Anchor is $59.99 or you can upgrade to the premium Cerakote finish for $71.99. To get the optional colors, you have to upgrade to the Cerakote finish. The standard version is sold on Amazon and TightlineAnchors.com. The
Cerakote finish is available on TightlineAnchors.com.

Optional Cerakote Finish Colors:

  • Sniper Grey
  • Corvette Yellow
  • Zombie Green
  • Smith & Wesson Red
  • Sea Blue
  • Noveske Bazooka Green
  • Brown Sand


  • Quick, Secure Anchoring: Specially designed for kayaks, canoes and light watercrafts, these small boat anchors quickly moor your vessel in any underwater condition! It’s all thanks to an aggressive grapnel design, which ensures a reliable bite.
  • Designed for Durability: With a P-Line shark swivel attached to a loop on a 7×7 steel cable, our kayak fishing anchor delivers strength you can count on! If it’s ever hung up under water, breakaway eyelets allow you to rig it for quick retrieval.
  • On-the-Go Convenience: At 6” in length and weighing less than 14 ounces, these mini anchors are compact for hassle-free portability! They easily collapse for space-saving storage in your vessel or when packed away with your other outdoor gear.
  • Made in North America: Proudly made in Ontario, Canada, our kayak anchor system reflects our commitment to quality! Each unit is constructed with 18 GA stainless steel and fastened with sturdy MILSPEC Monel rivets, ensuring safety and strength.
  • Veteran-Owned and Operated: At Tightline, we stand behind each one of our products! If your canoe anchor system fails under normal use or has a material defect, simply let us know and we’ll replace or repair it in time for your next adventure.

In summary, this is a great anchor for Kayaks! At 6 inches and 14 ounces, it is light enough to be easily stored in any kayak. The anchor is built out of stainless steel and MILSPEC Monel rivets for great strength. If you upgrade to the Cerakote finish, you will get a great looking anchor.

Tightline K4x Anchor













  • Light Weight (14oz)
  • Quality Materials
  • Looks Great
  • Size (6")


  • Price



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