I have had my eye on a Kayak Mods by Wesley Nowlen for a little while now.  His hinge kits are for the Vibe Sea Ghost line of Kayaks.  The mods are very simple solution to adding a hinge to the middle console.

The mod was first introduced to me on the Vibe Kayak Owners Group on Facebook.  I was interested in the mod due to the great responses I have seen from a lot of the members of the group (great group by the way).  I have seen a lot of great feedback about how this kit makes it a lot easier to use the center console.

First of all, there is two kits available.  The first kit is the Pro Hinge Kit.  This kit does have a strut that allows the compartment to stay open.  The next kit is the Hidden Hinge Kit.  This kit is very affordable, but does require you to drill four holes into the center console lid.  The Hidden Hinge Kit does not require any drilling into the Kayak itself, but the Pro Kit does require drilling into the compartment to secure the strut.

I will go into detail about each kit and give you some information that you might need.  Also review the comments for feedback on people that use these kits.

Hidden Hinge Kit

The hidden hinge kit is designed for easy install and does not require the top plate to be installed.  This kit comes with cable clamp straps and hinge.  The hinge kit is attached to the kayak the same way the pro kit was installed.

  • You remove the screws to the pad eyes at the top end of the hatch.  You would insert the included connectors that allow you to attach the hinge.  Again this does not require to to drill into the Kayak at all. 
  • You will have to drill two holes into the end of the console hatch to insert the hinge.
  • Mount the metal hinge into the holes and along the inside of the center console lid.  inside the lid you will drill two holes to attach two more connectors to secure the hinge to the lid.  At this point you are done.   The end result is drilling two holes into your center console lid and no extra holes into the Kayak.

The price of the Hidden Hinge Kit is only $35.00.  A great price and a very easy modification to do.

Pro Hinge Kit

The pro hinge kit takes a little more to install, but has some extra features. This hinge kit comes with cable clamp straps, hinge, hinge plate, strut mounts, and strut.  This kit does require you to screw a few screws into the kayak itself.

  • To do the install, you will attach the hinge the say way you would the hidden hinge mount.  This time the hinge will lay on the top of the console lid. You will then screw in a plate that will cover the hinge. 
  • You will then screw in a strut mount roughly 1.5″ to 2″ down from the top of the compartment at the 20″ mark (20″ mark on top of console lid). 
  • You then will then attach the ball stud to the lid at the 13″ mark.
  • The strut can be easily be installed by connecting each end to the parts you just installed.

The end result is a console lid that opens and closes with the assistance of a strut.  The strut allows the lid to stay open easily.  The plate on top has the extra feature of being a great place to install a fish finder on a good flat surface that is very strong.

The price for the Pro Hinge Kit is $65.00.  For everything that is included, this is a great deal.

Installation Video for both Pro Hinge Kit and Hidden Hinge Kit.

Wondering where you can purchase one of these kits??  Wesley Nowlen can reached best on Facebook.

Click here to go to Wesley Nowlen’s Facebook page

He takes paypal as payment.  Here is the link to pay him, but contact him first.

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Pro and Hidden Hinge Kit 35.00
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I found that both options have are are a great value due to their cost and quality.  The key factor in making your choice will be if you want to drill a few holes into the kayak.  To me, this is not a big deal if you take precautions like using a product like marine goop to waterproof the holes.  The strut is a good addition by allowing the compartment to stay open when needed.

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  • Easy to install
  • Option to not put holes in Kayak
  • Strut Easy to keep shut


  • Some people don’t like to put holes in Kayak


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