The power pack battery box is a power solution for kayaks by providing a all-in-one solution. As we all know, we are limited on space in kayaks. This power box is a solution that allows us to have a box we can put the battery in with all the wiring already contained. This is a 12v battery box that holds up to three 7ah or two 12ah batteries. There is a master switch on the front, duel 4.2a USB charging ports, and a pre-wired connection point.

  • Compact waterproof design
  • Holds up to 3 7AH or 2 12AH batteries (batteries not included)
  • Master Power Switch
  • Integrated 5 volt, 4.2A DUAL USB Charging ports
  • Built in booted, water tight fuse holder with 15A fuse

The Power Pack battery box comes completely pre-wired and ready to power your fishing adventure (batteries not included). And the built in Master Power Switch, gives you full control of when your power is ON or OFF. Easily power your 12v accessories by just plugging them into the Power Port outlet integrated right into the side of the Power Pack.

The Power Pack comes with a home battery trickle charger that will maintain your batteries and insure you always have a full charge every time you go out.

Record all the action and never miss a call while you’re out on the water. The Power Pack battery box includes a dual USB charging port that will allow you to keep both your mobile device and action camera fully charged.

In summary this is a great accessory to our kayak. I personally have made my own power box and it was done a lot cheaper than the Yak power box. Te disadvantage was that I had made a few errors and it didn’t look as good as this one. If you have the money, it is a lot easier to purchase a complete package to power everything you need.

Yak-Power YP-BBK Power Pack Battery Box













  • Built Tough
  • Two USB Ports
  • Water Proof
  • Charger Included
  • Up to three batteries


  • Price


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