Feelfree kayaks use a specialized tracking (FeelFree UniTrack) system that is only used by Feelfree Kayaks.  The width of the track system makes normal size track accessories not fit.  YakAttack has a product that allows you to adapt almost any track accessory to the Feelfree track.

Once you fit the adapter over your existing track connector, you can just screw it in to your track accessory. This is a simple fix to use accessories not made my Feelfree on your kayak.

Adapter in tracking system


  • Military grade, Hard anodized aluminum
  • Creates compatibility of YakAttack, RAM, and Scotty T-bolts on FeelFree UniTrack
  • Suitable for harsh marine environments
  • Aluminum Adapter Plate and O-Ring
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YakAttack Feelfree Unitrack Adapter 24.95

Product Name: YakAttack Feelfree Unitrack Adapter

Product Description: Creates compatibility of YakAttack, RAM and Scotty T-bolt on Feelfree Uni-Track.

Brand: YakAttack

SKU: Unitrack Adapter

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YakAttack has a lock on this product because there isn’t another manufacturer selling this item out there. If you want to use other accessories, you have to buy these.

The only problems that I have had with these are that you have to make sure they are tight against the rails. The adapter fits on top of the track connector and easily slides around until you tighten it down. While it is a problem, this is a adapter and there is no way around that.

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  • Quality Material
  • Adapts to different accessories


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