Vibe Yellowfin 130T

Share the journey with the Vibe Yellowfin 130T.  The tandem kayak with framed hero seats and foot braces means all day comfort, while the rudder ready hull provides maneuverability and performance. Equipped with 3 seating positions, the Yellowfin 130T easily holds 2 adults and a child or it can be paddled solo from the center position.

Dimensions and Specs

Length 13′
Capacity 500 pounds
Weight 80 pounds
Paddlers Two person tandem kayak + center seat for child or solo paddling
Material Rotomolded single piece high density polyethylene
Package Includes x2 Vibe Hero Seats, x2 Vibe Journey Paddles


  • 2 Vibe Hero Seats
  • 4 easy grip carrying handles
  • 2 built-in cup holders
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Rudder ready
Gear Mounting
  • 2 capped flush mount fishing rod holders
  • 2 side bungee paddle parks
  • 2 mounting points for Scotty®, RAM® and Vibe® mount accessories
  • 4 mounting points for optional gear tracks
  • 2 sealed hatches with bag inserts
  • Rear tankwell with adjustable bungee
  • Bow cargo bungee system
  • 4 tackle tray holders: Fits PLANO™ 3600 tackle tray
  • Rotomolded single piece polyethylene
  • 12 scupper holes (plugs included)
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Vibe Yellowfin 130T Tandem Kayak
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The Yellowfin 140 Tandem Kayak is another Kayak from Vibe Kayaks.  The kayak is 13 foot long and 35″ wide.  At only 80 pounds, this kayak is able to be moved around by one person.  The seats are “ok” for an extended day on the water.  With a load limit of 500 pounds, you will easily be able to take two people for a trip around the lake.

For the cost of the Vibe Yellowfin, this is a great kayak.  Vibe always makes good kayaks!

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